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De Basis is an independant provider of care services after trauma. We service (former) uniformed personnel from the army, firebrigade, ambulance, policeforce, and public transport. We assist them and their families in coping with the consequences of trauma. We focus on resilience, empowerment and creating new perspectives.

Our services
We offer shortterm counseling, we support in sharing with peers, opportunities for recovery and revitalising perspectives and we support rehabilitation and reïntegration. All of this can be offered individually or in groups. If necessary de Basis can refer you quickly and smoothly to other specialised services, such as psychotherapy for PTSD or alcoholabuse and debt help and advice.

At de Basis and throughout the country
Our premises are in Doorn. Here we can offer you a hospitable stay in a beautiful forestry environment. The premises offer every opportunity for sports, fitness, and recreation. Among other things we have recreational and fitness facilities. But our social workers may also support you in your own region. You can make an appointment at your place or in one of our regional offices.

Get in contact with de Basis
You can directly approach us if this is accounted for by your insurance company or other sponsor. We can always provide you with the necessary information. You may also find this and other information on our website.

General contact information
Willem van Lanschotlaan 1, 3941 XV Doorn, The Netherlands.
PO box 100, 3940 AC Doorn, The Netherlands.
Telephone: +31 34 34 74 200
Telefax: +31 34 34 74 204
E-mail: info@de-basis.nl

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